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Hi all. We're finally getting around to updating the website! It's been an exciting and stressful year for us but we're now settled nicely into our new house and community. I love living in England. It feels much more like home - I actually understand when someone is speaking to me! And we're still so close to continental Europe that we can pop over anytime for a long weekend! Although, I don't know when we'll find the time because there is so much to see and do here in the UK!

I recently started taking golf lessons. Mike has convinced me that I can't live here and NOT know how to play golf. St. Andrews here I come! I'm enjoying the lessons so far and my instructor is so patient. Mike & I also joined a gym and are slowly getting back into a routine and focusing more on a healthy lifestyle. In addition, we've started hiking again. There are tons of hiking trails and footpaths to explore within a couple of hours of our house. The North Yorkshire Moors and the Lake District are two of our favorite places so far.

On a sad note, our sweet, little Lady died in February. She was 11 years old and I miss her terribly. Click here for a little tribute I put together for her. The pictures start with our move from Tennessee to Germany, followed by visits to many European cities, then our move to England (her 5th move) and finally the last few days of her life.

Below you'll fine my previous page and some new updates. I took a couple of trips with friends at the end of 2003 while Mike was already living and working in the UK. Hope you enjoy...


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