Sabo Sommerfest

Sabo had a Summer festival at the factory on June 8th. I understand that this party is somewhat of a tradition and you can tell that from the magnitude of the event. All employees, guests and neighbors are invited. It may seem unusual that the neighbors are invited, but when you see the pictures you will understand why. Sabo was originaly started as a family run business and both the business and the neighborhood have grown up over the years in the same place. There was a great selection of food and drink, a live band and door prizes. One of the door prizes was a ride in the Sabo hot air balloon! We actually got to help hold the Sabo ballon on the roof of the factory until they were ready to launch a second ballon for a tandem flight.

We had our first guests during the weeknd, Lindley and Martha. Lindley and Martha are another ex-pat couple who live in The Netherlands. It was very nice to have a fluent English conversation and we greatly enjoyed having them.

Children playing outside the factory:

What a team!:

View from the roof of the balloons overlooking the valley:

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