Rome, Italy

We visited Rome during the May Day Holiday in Europe. Filled with anticipation, we boarded our flight directly from Köln/Bonn Airport and arrived in Rome early on a Wednesday. Unfortunately, we were not early enough to hear the Pope's weekly address, but maybe next time if there is a next time. Rome has a great many things to see. As such, we have created this page in the same fashion as our page for Prague. It is divided into three sections that are clearly marked below: Vactican City, Old City Rome (various sites) and the Roman Ruins.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Rome is worth seeing. Unfortunately, you really should prepare yourself for what you will likely encounter there. People everywhere, serious petty crime, very unclean conditions, lots of walking, crappy public transportation, and you get to pay a small fortune to enjoy all that. I hate to say it, but in general, there is little difference between Italy and Mexico. Italy is just barely above third world status. If you have glamorous images of Italy, I hate to be the one to burst your bubble.

Gabi and I were pick pocketed for the first time in all our travels in Rome. Luckily, we challenged our assailants and got our money back. You must pay complete attention every second you are there. Not only do you have to pay attention to the people but you have to pay attention to what you eat and drink. Mike got a nice case of giardiasis while there, either from some restaurant or the water. I would only eat super cooked food and drink only bottled water, use no ice cubes. This is the second time Mike has received a nice little take home surprise in his intestine from Italy.

By all means, if you have never been to Rome it is something everyone should see given the chance. We would highly recommend that you go in the off-season, specifically before May 1 for sure. If we had to place it somewhere on our favorite places to visit in Europe list, it would make the top ten list for sights to see but that's it. If you want relaxation, you are planning a trip to the wrong place. Enjoy the pictures.

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