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Farewell Alps driving pics

This will be my farewell tribute to the Porsche. It was recently sold and I didn't regret owning it for a minute. The following pictures were all taken during our recent trip to the Alps. The Porsche got to carve multiple mountain roads, drove through some very long tunnels, took a trip on a ferry accross Lago Maggiore, and also traveled on a special train underneath the Alps. I'm thinking about getting another sports car in England, but we will wait and see what transpires. Enjoy the pictures . . .

Gas Station in Switzerland:

Outside the Hotel Gabi in Switzerland:

Driving through the Aosta Valley:

Parked in Gran Paradiso:

About to drive under a waterfal tunnel in Switzerland:

On the car train, Switzerland:

On the ferry, Lago Maggiore:

Driving through a long tunnel, Switzerland:

Parked outside the hand carved wood store, Dolomites, Italy: