Mosel Valley

Mike had a long weekend due to a Holiday in Germany so we decided to pack up the dogs and head down the Mosel river valley for the weekend. We made no plans to do this and thought we would just find a hotel along the way. This worked out perfectly and we were able to find a very nice place in the small town of Ürzig that allowed dogs. Ürzig is about half way between Koblenz (Where the Mosel meets the Rhine) and Trier. Trier is the most ancient city in Germany and contains numerous Roman Ruins. Founded by Augustus in 15 B.C., Trier is most famous for the Porta Nigra and multiple hot spring baths.

We started the journey with visits to Berg Eltz and Cochem. These worthwhile sites are just a short distance down the Mosel from Koblenz. Cochem rests right on a bend in the Mosel and has the castle Reichsburg Cochem towering above the shoreline on a small hill. Berg Eltz is one of the most well preserved medieval castles in Germany. A short drive from Cochem, Burg Eltz sits in a small valley some distance off the Mosel which explains why it is likely so well preserved. Burg Eltz has a rich history of political intrigue but little of the major conflicts and sieges that destroyed the majority of the castles directly along the Rhine and Mosel rivers. The castle has remained in the Eltz family for the past 820 years. Today, the Countess still brings fresh flowers to adorn the rooms of the castle weekly.

On the opposite side of the Mosel and slightly south of Cochem lies the small tourist town of Beilstein (not to be confused with Bielstein, where we live). This medieval town was once only reached via a small rope drawn ferry as there was no road on the opposite side of the Mosel. Today, you can still take the ferry if you like but there are numerous bridges and roads to lead you to Beilstein. The ruins of Metternich castle reside here and make for a nice after lunch stroll to the top. There are great panoramic views from the ruins of Metternich castle as well as a nice cafe for a crisp Mosel Riesling after your hike.

No matter where you decide to stop for the night or what towns you decide to visit, we would highly recommend spending a few days driving, biking or floating down the Mosel. There are a wealth of quaint villages, great wine and beautiful sights.

Reichsburg Cochem towering above the Cochem shoreline:

Burg Eltz:

Gabi inside the Burg Eltz inner courtyard:

Leaving Burg Eltz:

Beilstein and ruins of Metternich castle:

Gabi, Lady and Shep inside Beilstein:

Mike, Shep and Lady walking up to the Mettrich castle ruins:

Gabi, Lady and Shep at the Metternich castle ruins:

Mike and Shep wine tasting, Beilstein:

Hotel Traube in Ürzig:

Gabi walking the dogs down the Mosel, Ürzig:

The Porta Nigra, Trier:

The Imperial Roman Baths, Trier:

Market Square, Trier:

Mike, Lady, and Shep in the Market Square, Trier: