Milan, Italy and Hiking in the Dolomites

Mike had to travel to Milan on business and Gabi decided to come along. While Mike was in meetings on Thursday, Gabi took the train into Milan to see the Cathedral and the Last Supper at the Santa Maria Delle Grazie. We planned to spend the weekend hiking in our favorite part of the Alps, the Dolomites. We decided to go back to the Val Gardena to the town of Selva (Wolkenstein). We stayed at a very nice hotel, the Hotel Savoy and did two major hikes over the weekend.

On Friday, we took the Dantercepies gondola to a point near the Gran Cier. From here we hiked over the Gran Cier ridge crest and down into the Val de Chedul. This was a very difficult hike, down hill most of the way through scree fields. The Val de Chedul runs into Vallunga with it's very steep walls.

On Saturday, we planned to circumnavigate the Sassolungo group. This is usually a 5-6 hour hike, but we made a slight modification by using a gondola again, the Ciampinoi. This turned out to be mistake and prevented us from completing the circumnavigation. We got short of half way to Refugio Sandro Pertini and turned around. In hindsight, we should have used our rental car and driven to the Passo Sella to start the hike. It was still a great time. The modification allowed us to get a great picture of our hike on Friday from across the valley. It also gave us time to take another cable car trip to the Reffugio Demetz in the saddle of the Sassolungo. The main problem with using the cable cars is the fact that they shut down very early (5pm) and it doesn't get dark until much later (8pm), causing you to lose potential hiking time!

The Milan Cathedral:

The Santa Maria Delle Grazie:

Scanned postcard of The Last Supper - no photos are allowed when viewing:

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