Mike's going away party

The German tradition when leaving a company is the same as celebrating your birthday - you throw yourself a party. The person leaving supplies food and drink on his last day at work. Mike had pizzas brought in from our favorite Italian restaurant, Pietro's. And, you mustn't forget the obligatory keg of beer and soft drinks for good measure!!

Mike's co-workers were very sweet and wished him much success in his new job as well as giving him (and Gabi) some wonderful farewell gifts. Working in Germany was a once in a lifetime learning experience that Mike will always treasure.

Thomas, Marcus B., Mike & Marcus S. toasting to Mike's new job:

Daga, Mike, Marcus, Tom & Thomas talking and enjoying Pietro's pizza:

Thomas & Tom presenting Mike with a few going away gifts:

Pizza delivery...:

Thomas serving pizza to Iris, one of Mike's co-workers:

Are they hoppy Mike's leaving??:

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