Mediterranean Cruise

In search of sunshine, we decided a Mediterranean cruise was in order. It was a blast and we saw many beautiful sites - I think we would like to go back and spend more time in Pompeii, Florence, and Monaco. In choosing our cruise company, we searched the internet as well as asked several of Mike's coworkers, and by far the best recommendation was Ocean Village. It is considered the best for informal or casual cruises. (No dressing for dinner, etc.) And it was exactly what we were looking for! Our seven-night cruise was called "Frescoes and Frascati," originating in Palma, Majorca and continued on to Tunis, Tunisia; Naples, Italy; Florence & Pisa, Italy; Villafranche, France (promoted as Monte Carlo); Ciudadela, Menorca; and finally back to Palma. At each port of call, we were offered at least three different guided excursions. Other options included exploring on your own or staying on the boat and enjoying the sun - both were tempting but we decided to go with the guided tours. Although, if we had had more time, we would have enjoyed a hike up Vesuvius or would have participated in a biking trip sponsored by the ship's crew.

Our first day was spent at sea and consisted of lying by the pool, reading a book, and of course a few breaks for meals it was a cruise after all! This was to be our one and only day of rest and relaxation, as we were on the go the rest of the week. We just didn't want to miss anything! I cannot imagine anyone ever getting bored on a cruise ship. After a lovely day ashore, one can't just go back to one's cabin because there are so many entertainment options available: nightly shows and dancing, gambling in the casino, listening to live bands, seeing a movie and of course the infamous English quiz (trivia) nights. We truly enjoyed ourselves.

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