Keukenhof Flower Exhibition

Every year in Holland there is this wonderful flower exhibition called the Keukenhof which literally means - kitchen garden. The gorgeous spring colors are spread across 32 hectares where over 7 million bulbs are planted. Some of these include tulips, narcissi (daffodils) and hyacinths. Millions of tourists each year walk through the beautifully landscaped gardens to see the different flower varieties which bloom throughout the weeks of spring. Each week I'm sure is a totally different visual experience. We visited the park in early April with our expat friends, Curtis and Amanda. As it turned out, it was a cold and very windy day, but we had a wonderful time and the flowers were beautiful.

In 1401, Jacoba van Beiren, Countess of Holland, owned the land where the current Keukenhof exhibition is located. She originally used part of the estate as an herb garden where the fresh herbs were grown for every day use in her kitchen - hence the name Keukenhof (kitchen garden). This yearly exhibition is the premier showcase of the Dutch ornamental plant industry. Growers and exporters have provided their best bulbs at Keukenhof since 1949. For more information check out the Keukenhof website. Also, if anyone is interested in purchasing any bulbs, here is the website of one of the purveyors we talked to.

Gabi at the entrance of Keukenhof trying on some wooden shoes:

Mike & Gabi in a sea of daffodils:

A lesson in making wooden shoes:

A flowerbed designed in the shape of a tulip:

More gorgeous flowers:

One of the indoor pavilions:

More beautiful colors:

Gabi & Amanda:

Mike & Gabi in front of a traditional Dutch windmill:

Beautiful statue and landscaping:

Mike & Gabi in front of a lovely mix of hyacinths and tulips:

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