Mike's Jeep Page

I bought my Jeep in 1995 from it's original owner deep in the hills of east Tennessee shortly after I moved to Greeneville. It seemed like a nice simple project for a bachelor and I thought it would be nice to have a Jeep to take fishing, hunting, through the mountains, etc. I paid $1,500 for the Jeep and had to tow it to my house because the steering column was broken. The body appeared in decent condition and the engine ran but it ran badly.

This "simple" project took on a life of it's own that lasted a little over six years. The body was in such bad shape it was all replaced with fiberglass body parts. The engine required an extensive rebuild, so why keep the original six cylinder engine? A donor 5.0 Ford Mustang engine was found, purchased and rebuilt with cam and head work to boot. The suspension is basically original to keep the driveline angle less agressive due to all the new found horsepower. An extra leaf spring was added on all four corners providing 1" extra lift and another 2" was added to the body mounts. Rancho RS5000 shocks keep it stable. All new interior was added, a custom Mahogany veneer instrument panel was added, CD Player, custom dash, extra 12 volt outlets, new wiring harness, racing fuel cell, stainless steel fuel lines, hand welded frame reinforcment, and numerous other details. I performed all the work myself except for the heavy machining of the engine and the last details before it became road worthy. When I found out about my new job overseas I was still in the middle of building our lake house and couldn't bear to leave the Jeep unfinnished, it was so close! Many thanks to Larry Hamlin who helped with most of the final engine wiring details and remember that broken sterring column? Yep, that was the last thing fixed. Enjoy the pics. . .

First night in it's new home, original condition Pic1:

Stripped to the frame with new Ford bellhousing:

Engine all prepped and ready to go:

Engine going in the Jeep with my helper (Taz) in the background:

Custom dash and instrument panel:

The finnished product: