Nümbrecht, Germany - Castle (Schloss Homburg)

We decided to take it easy this weekend and do some sightseeing near the house. A co-worker of Mike's told us about a castle in the town of Nümbrecht about 5 kilometers from our house so we decided to take the dogs and check it out. Schloss Homburg started as an early medieval castle in 1276 and was eventually transformed over the centuries into the Baroque chateau you see below. It is currently a regional history museum and contains many historial weapons, clocks, clothes and furniture. The castle's original kitchen has been restored along with its huge chimney hood. The castle sponsors events throughout the year and we will have to keep a look out for the next one!

The view approaching the castle:

Gabi and the dogs (Lady & Shep) at the castle entrance:

A collection of medieval suits of armour and swords:

Gabi giving size perspective to antique furniture:

Gabi in the original kitchen next to the huge chimney hood:

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