Tom, Lori & the girls

Tom, Lori and the girls, another ex-pat family from Germany, visited us for a weekend at the end of May. It was great to see them. They, too, were about to embark on a move. Tom's assignment was over in June and they were going back to the states. We enjoyed a walk around our community, a trip to Alnwick Castle (the girls are crazy about the Harry Potter books), and a day spent in Whitby. Every time Mike & I return to a place we've already been, we see and learn something new. In Whitby, for instance, we didn't know about the Whale Bones on the West cliff or about the Endeavor - Captain Cook's ship docked at Whitby Harbour. The Whale Bones were given to the town by Thor of Norway in 1963 in memory of Whitby's whaling past and the Endeavor is available for tours when it is in port.

Tom, Lori, Helen, Gabi, Sara & Shep walking along the Headland prom:

The gang at Alnwick Castle in Northumberland:

Beautiful waterfall at Alnwick Castle Gardens with Tom on the right:

Sara having fun in the gardens:

A veiw of Captain Cook's ship - The Endeavor (replica):

The gang enjoying ice cream on a beautiful day in Whitby:

Gabi posing in front of the Wale bones on Whitby's west cliff:

A view of St. Mary's church and Whitby Abbey ruin through the Whale bones from across the harbour:

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