Freiburg, Germany

We visited our friends John and Renate on this weekend in Freiburg. We recieved yet another warm welcome and had a great time. We started our visit with a tour of Freiburg and it's unique cobblestone streets lined with "Bächle" (small mountain fed streams channeled throughout the city). Legend has it, if you step into one of the Bächle, you will stay in Frieburg forever. Frieburg is recognized as the capital of the black forest and is also home to the Münster. The Münster is a beautiful red sandstone cathedral with some of the most incredible stained glass we have seen so far. It's traceried spire is widely regarded as the most beautiful of this style. The walk to the top of the tower is completely open and offers some exceptional views of the city and black forest. The day of our visit was an intersting day for climbing the tower, with high winds and spitting rain and sleet! The open spiral staircase through the sandstone lace work is not for the faint-hearted in the best weather. The bells in the tower are fully operational and although most were melted for metal during the war, one original "Hosanna" remains from 1258. After our tour of the Münster we boarded the train for Titisee in the black forest east of Freiburg. We spent a good two hours looking for the perfect cuckoo clock. It was nice to be inside and warm! The next day greeted us with new snow fall and some beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. Thus ends another great weekend in the southern part of Germany.

A wonderful lunch with our hosts: John, Renate, Renate's father, mother and brother Thomas:

The "Bächle":

The Münster tower:

Hosanna (If you look close you can see the name & date):

Overlooking Freiburg from the top of The Münster tower:

Gabi posing "for perspective purposes" walking down the many steps of the tower:


Mike & Gabi's Cuckoo clock:

Sunday morning:

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