Mike's Parents

Alsace - Colmar, Strasbourg, Mt. Saint Odile, Domremy, Verdun, and Haut-Koenigsbourg

We made numerous daytrips from our little cottage. Here is a listing of our itinerary:

Sunday, October 20 - explore around the cottage and then into Colmar

Monday, October 21 - Strasbourg

Tuesday, October 22 - Mont Saint Odile, wine tasting

Wednesday, October 23 - Mulhouse, wine tasting

Thursday, October 24 - Long drive day, Domremy and then on to Verdun

Friday, October 25 - Explore Haut Konigsburg and some more wine tasting

Colmar was a beautiful city and the rumored hometown of Mike's great grandmother (father's side). It is well known for it's Dominican influence and for being the home of Bartholdi (sculptor of the statue of Liberty). Strasbourg is always a treat to visit. The largest city in Alsace it is home to the cathedral, astronomical clock and fantastic shops and restaurants. Situated on an island created by the splitting of two rivers, it offers excellent boat tours and fantastic cuisine. Mont St. Odile is an ancient retreat high in the Vosges overlooking the Rhine valley. It was once . . . and currently is a religious pilgrimage site. It has some fantastic views of the valley and surrounding mountains. Mulhouse was no where near as exciting as Colmar or Strasbourg; however, it was rumored to have been the home of Mike's great grandfather (father's side) and we were able to look for records of his birth at the city archives. No luck, apparently he must have lived closer to Mike's great grandmother in Colmar or moved into the area after he was born. Domremy is in the middle of no where. It is easy to see how one might have heard voices here. The history of Joan of Arc is fantastic and well documented so we won't get into it here, but if you are near, it is worth a visit. Only 100km from Orbey it was an easy drive. Just down the road another 80km puts you in Verdun. What a breathtaking place to visit. As Americans it is very easy to scorn the constant European avoidance of conflict. Take a walk through the World War I sites at Verdun and the World War II sites at Normandy, then you might begin to understand a little. Haut Konigsburg was a restored castle during the German occupation of Alsace and is full of unique items. The views from the castle are similar to Mt. St. Odile and there is a large collection of antique furniture, weapons, etc.

Mary and Dave outside the Maison Pfister, Colmar:

The petite Venice region of Colmar:

Bartholdi statute with miniature Statue of Liberty, Colmar:

Dave, Mary and Gabi beside a replica Manneken Pis, donated to Colmar by Brussels:

Boat tour landing in Strasbourg:

Mary and Dave at the overlook, Mt. Saint Odile:

Looking out at the valley from Mt. Saint Odile:

Mike in front of a statue of Joan of Arc, Domremy:

Basillica of Joan of Arc, Domremy:

Statue of Joan of Arc hearing the voices of St. Catherine, St. Michael, and St. Margaret, Domremy:

The Ossuary at Douaumont, Verdun:

One of many viewing windows of the bones of 130,000 unknown soldiers, Douaumont Ossuary:

Gabi on the path above Fort Douaumont, Verdun:

Mary in front of a retractable, and rotatable gun turret, Fort Douaumont:

Outside Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle:

Dave and Mary on one of the inner drawbridges, Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle:

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