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Alsace - Orbey, Lake Blanc and Route du Vins

We stayed in a wonderful cottage in Orbey. The cottage was near Colmar and right off the route de vin. Our host and hostess, Rene and Odile Valliant, treated us to a homemade Kugelhopf (a local cake similar to a bunt cake) and a local bottle of Tokay Pinot Gris for our arrival. Click here for a link to the cottage webpage. That evening we had a fantastic meal at a local restaurant. The meal was topped off with a fresh local cheese for desert. This is not your average every day cheese, no sir. The smell of this cheese could peel paint of most walls. Limburger cheese has nothing on this stuff. Once you got past the smell, you were in for a real treat. Made in the small town of Munster near the cottage, the cheese is simply called that, Munster cheese.

The next morning we explored the surrounding area on our way to Colmar. In the surrounding country side we were able to see Lake Blanc and Noir, hike up into the Vosges, and had a nice cheese (more local Munster) and wine snack at a local mountain hut. It was very nice to sit inside the warm mountain hut and drink wine beacause the mountains were covered in snow! The pictures below show some of our first mornings exploration and pictures of the views from the cottage and route du vin. For pictures and descriptions of where we traveled along the route du vin, please go to the other "daytrips" page.

Our cozy cottage in Orbey, "Gite du Sombrevoir":

View of the Orbey valley:

Sunrise from the cottage window:

Mary, Dave and Gabi beside Lake Blanc:

Dave and Mary on top on the Vosges near Lake Blanc (Alps in the far background):

A fine Alsatian meal, Choucroute, blued trout, and miscellaneous meat:

View along the Route du Vin of Mt. St. Odile:

The small town of Heiligenstein, famous for it's Klevener (light white wine):

Cleaning out the wine making equipment, inner courtyard of Eber winery, Ottrott:

Gabi, Mary ,and Mike drinking the Eber "Rouge d' Ottrott" with an Eber:

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