RoseMontag Parade in Bielstein, Germany

We mostly recovered from our Carnival activities in Köln by Monday morning; however, it was a holiday (RoseMontag) and we were sleeping in. We were awoken from our peaceful slumber by The BeeGees hit single "Saturday Night Fever" at about 100 decibels sometime around 9:00am. Unbeknownst to us, our small town of Bielstein was having their very own RoseMontag parade! The good vibes were emanating from a small homemade float entitled "Flower Power Express" that was two stories tall, driving right past our house, and blaring the music right in our windows. We had to get up and go join the rest of our village in the parade!

The Bielstein Soccer Club's float:

A pack of pink girls riding unicyles:

Mike making friends with the fine men from the brewery:

The chairmen of the parade (Hail to the Peacock!!):

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