Amsterdam, the Netherlands

What can you say about Amsterdam? Most people's image of the city who have never been there is most likely both correct and inncorrect at the same time. Yes, sure the city has a seedy side that is beyond compare; however, it is very well contained and there is much more to the city than that. The city has a rich history and is an enjoyable weekend visit. We had the opportunity to visit with several Ex-pat friends as well as a second visit to pick-up Ev. Amsterdam has some fantastic museums, the Anne Frank house, as well as wonderful architecture and the famous canals. Things are a bit expensive, but not more than one would expect at most larger cities.

Old wooden boat navigating one of the canals (note "clog" sailboat on left):

Inside the Begijnhof. An oasis in a crazy place:

Curtis, Amanda, Gabi, Martha and Lindley at the Heineken Brewery:

Ev and Gabi drinking beers on the canal boat:

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