Alps Tour

We drove all over the Alps during the last two weeks in June. The map below has links in red text boxes to all the places we visited. The map is a little different because it looks from North to South, with Germany in the foreground and Italy in the background. We began our journey with a stop to see King Ludwig's castles in Bavaria. Then we drove through Switzerland and Liechtenstein on our way to our apartment in Stresa on Lago Maggiore, Italy. We rented the apartment for one week to use as a base point for day trips to the following aras: Zermatt, Aosta Valley, Grand Paradisio, and Berner Oberland. We left Lago Maggiore and traveled along the shore of Lake Como and then to the Dolomites. We spent four days in the Dolomites although we only planned to spend two. It was by far the most fantastic place we visited in the Alps. We will be making regular return trips here for sure. From there, we drove through Innsbruck and Hall Austria, then an overnight stop in Salzburg to see Berctesgaden and Hitler's Eagle's Nest. Our last stop was a night of sightseeing and partying at the famous Hofbrau Haus in Munich. If you want to see pictures of the Porsche on the tour, please go to Mike's Porsche page.

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